Key Cutting

Schedule key cutting in Coquitlam, British Columbia. If you want a new key cut and already have the original, that’s what you should do. Coquitlam locksmiths come out to make new keys by using original keys. And so, if you want a spare key or if your key is damaged, don’t think about it. Contact Locksmith Coquitlam.

Expert key cutting, Coquitlam services

Key Cutting Coquitlam

Across Coquitlam, key cutting services are provided as soon as needed. Since not all situations are the same and not all keys are the same either, the appointed pros come out equipped well. They bring key-cutting machines, various tools, key blanks, and all sorts of things they may need during their work day. And so, they are fully prepared to make most types of keys, then and there.

Since we are talking about professional locksmiths, keys are made correctly. Not only do they use the correct blanks and the best equipment in the market but also have the expertise to make keys perfectly. That’s vital because the key – any key – must go in and out of the lock smoothly, and work properly, overall. And so, instead of taking risks with the new key and instead of waiting days for key cutting, go ahead and make contact with our company.

Making new keys – from key duplication to key replacement

From making a spare house key, replacing a damaged car key, and cutting an extra key for a cabinet to retrieving a stuck key from a lock and then making a new key for the customer, we are available for all services. We are ready to serve all those who need key cutting for this reason or another.

  •          Skilled in key duplicating, the locksmiths make one or more extra pieces for customers. There’s often a need for additional keys for one or more door, mailbox, or cabinet locks. If you want spares too, just reach out.
  •          Key cutting is also about replacing keys that show some signs of wear. Is one of your keys rusty? Did you notice some dents? No matter the form of damage, book key cutting now to avoid extra problems tomorrow.
  •          Is one of your keys seriously damaged and won’t enter the keyhole? Instead of panicking, contact us. Your key will soon be replaced with a new one.

Reach out with your key service needs. What’s the point of waiting when you need a new key and we are ready to serve? If it’s time for key cutting, Coquitlam locksmiths will shortly be with you.